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Commentary on People v. Bokin
Is the ruling excellent or preposterous? Opinions vary.

The recent trial court ruling on the admissibility of STR evidence has already brought cries of outrage from forensic scientists. Ed Blake, who runs Forensic Science Associates, a major independent DNA lab, told the San Francisco Examiner that the ruling was "ignorant and preposterous." "What you have here is an arrogant, ignorant, stupid judge who is unable to get through the smoke thrown at him by a very skilled lawyer," Blake said (SF Examiner, May 7, 1999). However, comment about the opinion on forens-l, the internet discussion list on forensic science, shows a broader range of views. The Bokin opinion can be found in ARCHIVE.

The Need for "Blind" Procedures in Forensic Science: An Internet Discussion

Recent comments from the internet discussion list "Forens-L" on whether forensic scientists should "blind" themselves when interpreting the results of analytical tests.